Cell Tracker Android app – Track your Location

Use Cell Tracker app to help keep track of the area of the cell. Track most of the locations you might have visited during the last few days together with your Android phone. To determine the locations attended you need to launch the app and then click “View Now”. You don’t need to switch on the GPS. This app works even without having GPS. The application collects location info once every 0.5 hours through GPRS/Wi-Fi and hence the influence on battery is minimal.
Cell Tracker Android app%
Cell Tracker Android app

Few usecases of Cell Tracker:

  • On the tour and wish to know where all you’ve got experienced last three days? Simply have this application installed and log into our website and you will look into the places visited.
  • Wish to check where your dear ones have visited in last couple of days or simply in past few hrs? Install this application within their phone and when they’re back just open the application and appearance the cell track.
  • If you are a employer as well as your job is, in the finish during the day, track the movement of the employees then make use of this application on their own mobile phones and you will track these just by peeking into this application.

How it works

  • Install the app
  • Enable the check box to enable tracking of your device. The app then collects location info using GPRS or Wi-Fi every 0.5 hours.
  • Click on “View Now” link in the app and you will see the tracks of the cell (locations visited) on Google Map view.
  • You can choose to disable collecting location info by unchecking the check box in the app’s main view
  • You can clear all the location information stored by using “Clear data” option in the options menu

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